Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Powerful Possibilities

**Tap Tap**

Could I have your attention please!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends, Minions, Test Subjects... et al, I'd like to apologize for this mornings incidents with the electricity. Call this a lesson learned, never plug a blender into the same extension cord as your cyclotron!

We thought first it was just a blown circuit here in the bunker, turns out we blew out most of the island!

Rest assured the problem is being corrected, I've assigned a team to help with repairs and I've fired Lou from janitorial for using an unauthorized blender on company time.

Some good news though, what crawled out of the cyclotron after the blow out seems to be a new form of life, and it's friendly! Well... it was... as with all new discoveries, it was immediately euthanized and sent to the lab for dissection and study! Lab Boys tell me it will be very informative and beneficial to humanity and by that I mean me!

So to sum up, sorry again for the power issues, Lou is fired and new life was found here and killed before it became a threat!

Until next time.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

More Hotel Hauntings

Well the resident ghost is still in the hotel and he's more active than ever it seems. There have been stories that I've gotten from some of the other staff that they'd heard things before, but that was long before my sighting that I posted about previously. This past week, two members of staff reported things happening.