Wednesday, April 03, 2013

More Hotel Hauntings

Well the resident ghost is still in the hotel and he's more active than ever it seems. There have been stories that I've gotten from some of the other staff that they'd heard things before, but that was long before my sighting that I posted about previously. This past week, two members of staff reported things happening.

First up is one of the waitresses in the Restaurant. B came to work at 5am as normal for her shift and was in the kitchen getting things ready to restock our continental breakfast. At that time of the morning there are three other staff in the building;  myself, W, who works the desk with me and that night was J, the porter. Two of us were behind the front desk and J was at the airport so that left B all by herself in the kitchen. As she was coming out of a store room she heard a door close and footsteps walking away from her and the sound of keys jingling. She looked around and there was no one in the kitchen. She checked the outside door and it was still secured on the inside and unable to be opened from the outside. Leaving the kitchen, she ran into J and asked if he'd just been in there. He said no, he had just come back in the building through the lobby.

Second is again one of the wait staff from the restaurant. S was going from the bar into the kitchen, through the doors where I my sighting when he heard a noise. Looking into the kitchen he saw one of the bus pans full of dishes fly off the table it was on and slide across the kitchen floor on it's own. According to S, this is nothing new and he as seen dishes fly off the shelves before of their own accord to smash on the floor or seem to be thrown across the room. Like other times, no one else was in the area and the staff that were in the building can all be accounted for.

Also, since my sighting, I as well as other staff have heard the sound of cutlery on plates, like someone is eating, from the upper level of the restaurant when it is closed and no one is up in that section.

It's a strange place and getting stranger with every report.


Stylin' Steve

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