Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's prank call time!

 Well it was bound to happen. Work in a hotel long enough and you'll get prank calls for reservations. They're normally few and far between on overnights, we normally get the drunks looking for a place to sleep it off.

But tonight we got a genuine prank caller. Twice! I didn't take the first call but it ended when my coworker asked the caller for his address and the response was "Hang on, lemmie look out my window... 1-800-FUCK-YOU! *Click*

Within a minute, the guy calls back and I get him. What follows is the transcript. I couldn't make this up if I tried.
Me: Thank you for calling the Comfort Inn, Steve speaking, how can I help you?

Prank Caller: Wants to book a room

Me: Ok certainly, for what night?

Prank Caller: August 15th

Me: Not a problem, we have rooms available. How many people traveling?

Prank Caller: We needs 14

Me: You need 14 rooms?

Prank Caller: No! Geeze by we needs 14 nights.

Me: So just the one room?

Prank Caller: Yes

Me: How many people traveling?

Prank Caller: Just one.

Me: Alright, so you need one room for fourteen nights?

Prank Caller: Yes. Any cute girls at the hotel?

Me: I don't notice many people overnight. So the cost is $160/night

Prank Caller: That sounds good, are your rooms soundproof?

Me: The rooms are pretty quiet.

Prank Caller: Well what happens if my mentalitis acts up and 4:00am I starts beating on the walls and yelling?

Me: We'd appreciate it if you didn't.

Prank Caller: But what if I forgets me meds and it happens?

Me: The rooms aren't soundproof

Prank Caller: *Starts crying* What am I gonna do? I got no place to stay now.

Me: I never said you coudn't stay, I just said the rooms aren't soundproof.

Prank Caller: *More crying* You called me mental

Me: No I did not.

Prank Caller: *Voice back to normal* You haven't got a pool have you?

Me: No there is no pool in the hotel

Prank Caller: So no cute girls by the pool

Me: There is no pool. Can I get your name please?

Prank Caller: Do I sound like a Newfie?

Me: Your accent sounds right yes.

Prank Caller: I'm a Newfie born in a concrete box if that makes any sense.

Me: What's your name?

Prank Caller: Glala Francesco

Me: Can you spell that?

Prank Caller: G-L-A-L-A Francesco

Me: and your address?

Prank Caller: 14 Pakistan Road

Me: and the City?

Prank Caller: Pakistan

Me: Postal Code?

Prank Caller: ... *silence* ... *female voice in the background* ... Mom?

Line drops

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