Monday, September 28, 2015

But what does it mean?

Now, for your viewing confusion, I present a list of things overheard this past weekend while at Atlanti-CON. There is no point of reference, no clarification and no explanation for anything said. It can all be taken Out of CONtext.

I've never been so happy to bounce ham off someone's face. - Kelli-Rae

These ass Browns are amazing - Fat Apollo

Watch your tail baby you almost put it in the molasses - Kelli-Rae

You are my favourite meat provider - Fat Apollo

Don't contaminate the RV - Fat Apollo

There's too many orientations on this boat - Drew Power

We could put ham in there - Kelli-Rae

I don't understand colourblindness it just freaks me out. - Krista

I had a hanger stuck under it and didn't even know - Kelli-Rae

Why are you taking so long to fuck? I need children for the army! - Aly

We had two guys in here who wanted to try it and they had three or four - waitress.

Alright it's in my body, go crazy! - Matt

I couldn't fit my mouth around it, it was just to thick - Ellen

I don't touch unidentified meat - Kelli-Rae

There's two more knobbies on here, I'ma pull 'em - Kelli-Rae

It fell out put it back in - Kelli Rae

You gotta pull it real hard, make it slam - Krista

I so want to do something with him on film - Darren

The right one was commin' - Anon

You are not gonna rub it on my face - Drew

Yay I have pants - Fat Apollo

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