Sunday, November 04, 2012

Day 4

 Here's Day 4 of my NaNoWriMo novel. Again I'm disabling comments on these entries. Don't get me wrong, I love feedback and comments, in this case though they would only serve to distract me and cause me to second guess myself.  Finally, this novel is of course Copyright © 2012 Steven Lake & Engen Books. Word Count today: 1679

She nuzzled into Ryan’s neck and purred “Mmmmm, you smell like fear and cologne, I like that.” Moving closer to his ear, Kenna started to nibble the lobe as she started purring again.

Despite the fact that he was chained to a table and at the mercy of a killer, Ryan's body was starting to respond to her ministrations even as his mind screamed in protest. Except for getting up in front of a class in high school he'd never prayed in more earnest not to get a hard on. Unfortunately no one seemed to be listening.

Kenna squirmed on top of Ryan, in part to tease him with her body, but also to move herself into a better position. As her pelvis came into line with his, she ground herself into Ryan and cooed with delight. "Ooo! Look what I found. Someone likes being tied up don't they? Don't worry, it's ok to give in." Said Kenna as her hand snaked down Ryan's torso towards his pants line. "I'll make sure this is the best experience of your life...even if it is the last."

As Kenna wrapped her fingers around....

"Ok, Stop!" Frank's exclamation broke Ryan's train of thought. "I don't need every little detail of what happened, let alone a play by play of some Vamp jerkin' you off."

Ryan looked up with a hint of a smile "Yeah, sorry about that, I got caught up in the memory.  I'll skip those details up to the part where everything changed...literally."

Kenna's skin glistened with sweat and her breath came in short gasps as she rode Ryan for all he was worth. "" She slowed down and a wicked smile crossed her lips. "I wanna keep you around forever."

Her smile twisted into a cruel grimace as Kenna reared back her head, bared her fangs and dove at Ryan's neck. He yelped as pain quickly overrode the pleasure he had been feeling, then a strangled cry escaped his throat when he realized what has happening. Blood...his blood, flowed freely from his carotid into Kenna's waiting mouth. She growled when the first drops rolled over her tongue, then locked her lips over the bite and started to suck out of obsession, hunger and need.

Fire! From the tips of his toes and fingers, Ryan felt like he was on fire. His veins felt like they were burning from the force of his blood being sucked out of them. His heart was blazing from the effort to keep beating, to stay alive, but Kenna wanted every last drop that he could give and more. She doubled her efforts, relishing the hot, coppery taste and the fresh rush of power it brought as the blood infused every fibre of her preternatural being. Ryan’s eyelids fluttered and his pulse and breathing slowed as his life was literally being drained away. His lungs filled for what he was sure would be the final time, and as he expelled that breath it was accompanied by a wheezing, rattling sound from his chest.

“So that’s what a death rattle sounds like” Ryan thought. “Strange that I can focus on that little detail, shouldn’t my life be flashing before my eyes? Well, there are worse ways to go out I suppose.  Frank, I hope you realize that my last thought is that you’re a bastard for not getting here in time like you should have.” Just before his consciousness faded, the suction lessened then stopped.

Kenna drew back from Ryan and looked down at his prone form, now barely showing any hint of life. “Oh no, you might be ready to shuffle off this mortal coil, but I’m not letting you go that easily.” With that she dragged a fingernail across her chest, leaving a shallow bloody trail. She leaned into Ryan again, lifted his head and cradled him to her chest with his mouth over the fresh wound.

“Drink” She whispered as her blood now filled his mouth. “Drink” she repeated with more authority in her voice. “Drink!”

It was hot chocolate on a cold winter day, ice cold water after a long run, a refreshing beer after working in the hot sun. It was all that and more that Ryan tasted as Kenna’s blood poured down his throat. This was life, and Ryan started to drink in as much as he could, coaxing it, drawing it, sucking at the wound Kenna had opened. Soothing warmth spread through every cell in his body, easing the pain he felt earlier, enveloping him in pleasure and building a wave of ecstasy unlike anything else he’d ever felt before.  It was heaven, it was joy, it was peace and then it was gone and everything started to go dark again.

Kenna pulled Ryan away from her chest before he drained her completely, he’d had enough anyway that she knew the change was inevitable and irreversible now. She climbed off the table and looked at him lying there, so peaceful, then the convulsions started. Ryan started to buck and roll as each tremor hit, and if her hadn’t been chained to the table he’d be flopping all over the room. As it was the restraints were being stretched to their limit.

“What’s happening!? What is this!?” Ryan yelled through clenched teeth.

“You’re dying” Answered Kenna “But don’t worry, it’s only mortal death, you’ll get over it soon enough.” She finished straightening out her dress and put a hand on his forehead. “Just try to relax and soon you’ll go to sleep. I’ll see you in a couple of days.”

With that, Ryan’s eyes rolled back in his head and he lay there still in death. Kenna stood up and turned away from the body, preparing to leave. Then she heard a crash from upstairs.
* * * * * *

“So that’s what happened to me and those are the last things I saw and heard that night.” Ryan put down the now cool cup of coffee and looked over at Frank “And not that I’m mad about it now or anything, but where were you? I stalled as best I could. I expected you to just barrel in at some point.”

Frank laid down his now empty mug, opened a desk drawer and took out a bottle of whiskey. “You heard the crash upstairs?” he asked.

“Yeah, that’s the last sound I remember.”

“That was me playing with her pet kitty cat.”

* * * * * *

Frank approached the house from the rear; he'd ditched his car two blocks back in favour of a stealthy approach. Hidden in the shadows of one of the oaks near the house he adjusted his fedora and checked the display on his infrared scanner.

“Let’s see now, there should be two of you in there…” the vamp would be near room temperature but the panther would be “Bingo! There you are on the stairs, 103.1 Fahrenheit.” Weres always run hot and this one was no exception.

Frank saw the image on his scanner waver and expand as the man shape shifted to that of a large cat. He pushed away memories of the sights and sounds of a shift, he’d seen it before and it always made his stomach do flip flops. A panther now stalked around the first floor of the house, its senses sharper than the man it was a moment ago. Frank waited till the image on the screen moved away from this side of the house, drew one of his pistols and made a break for the building, to the left of what he guessed was a hall window. He was readjusting the infrared scanner when he heard the crash.

Glass shattered and metal groaned in protest as the security bars bent and were ripped from the window casing. Frank dropped the scanner and fired his gun at the twisted, falling metal, hoping to hit the panther before it could get its bearings. A very feline yelp told him he’d hit the mark at least once. Cautiously he moved towards the wreckage to check for a body, but he couldn’t see that well in the dark, certainly the panther could see better. Frank found nothing but broken glass, a bent cage and some snapped wood in front of the window. No body meant the cat was still on the prowl.

Frank crouched and started to turn, scanning the darkness for any hint of movement. Not an easy feat when his quarry was the same colour as the night. He’d almost completed a full circuit when it hit him. Six Hundred pounds of muscle, bone, sinew and death barreled Frank over and pinned him to the ground. In the soft moonlight he could just make out two red eyes and a mouthful of very white, very sharp teeth bearing down on him. Somehow he’d kept a hold of his gun and though his shoulders were pinned, he could still bend his elbow.  At what may have been the last moment, as he could feel the creature’s hot breath on his neck, Frank fired two shots into its belly.

The panther jumped off Frank and curled up a few feet away. Frank rolled to his side and squeezed off another shot, and he watched as the panther’s jaw exploded in a hail of teeth and gore. Getting back to his feet Frank drew his second pistol and lined himself up for a killing shot.

“Time to put a bad kitty down” he said coldly as he brought his pistols to bear.  Then Frank’s feet left the ground.
Frank flew about ten feet and crashed into the nearest oak tree. Landing at its base he turned over to see what had caused his flight, he saw a young redheaded woman staring at him, her fangs bared.

“Now now Francis, Evan likes to play with his food but it’s not fair when the food cheats and fights back.”

Kenna walked over to the panther and lifted it ip on her shoulders like it was no more than a stuffed toy.