Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I write stuff

I ever mention I'm an author? I may have. Well, I have a new story out now in a new book of collected stories from Ink'd Well Comics called Fearsome Fables II. My story is A Midsummer's Nightmare. The entire book is awesome and so are the many artists and authors who contributed to the collection. You should check it out and maybe buy a physical or digital copy. All proceeds go to the Free The Children Charity.

Description: http://www.inkdwellcomics.com/page_fearsome_fables_2.html
Buy Physical Copy: http://www.inkdwellcomics.com/page_physical.html
Buy Digital Copy: http://www.inkdwellcomics.com/page_digital.html

Then there's last year's Fearsome Fables I

Description: http://www.inkdwellcomics.com/page_fearsome_fables.html
Buy Physical Copy: http://www.inkdwellcomics.com/page_physical.html
Buy Digital Copy: http://www.inkdwellcomics.com/page_digital.html 

Then there are my contributions to Anthologies with Engen Books

Sci- Fi From The Rock (Digital Copy Only): http://www.engenbooks.com/pay_scififromtherock.htm
More Sci-Fi From The Rock: http://www.engenbooks.com/pay_morescififromtherock.htm
Sci-Fi From The Rock Returns: http://www.engenbooks.com/pay_scififromtherockreturns.htm

So yeah, I've done a fair bit and I'm working on doing more. Currently I'm working on a book for NaNoWriMo and it's going pretty well. When I can get off my lazy ass and finish other things, I'm looking forward to getting my own stand alone book out for sale. Stay tuned!

- Later.

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