Friday, March 21, 2014

Quest for $10,000

Contestant’s Log, startdate

It’s Day Five of the HitsFM $10,000 TShirt Contest and I’m still doing well. After all, I’m just wearing a tshirt, I do that on a daily basis anyway. The challenge is to keep the thing clean, I had a close call on Day 2 with a rogue dollop of ketchup, but thankfully it missed.

In the true spirit of the contest, I do not remove the shirt, this has made tackling personal hygiene interesting, though you can accomplish a lot with a rag on a stick. Actually no, I kid, I am not using a stick. Actually how I’m staying hygienic is a trade secret. Call it the luck of the Irish (Spring).

To date, I have seen no sign of my benefactors/tormentors, the HitsFM TShirt Police. Granted, working overnights as I do, I understand that they are daywalkers and need to sleep when it gets dark. Though I did spend my day off wandering the city and tweeting my various locations, I still haven’t laid eyes on my pursuers… I am starting to think they are just a myth invented to scare contestants, like the Boogeyman, Hobgoblins and Nickelback.

Day 3 was a trying time, filled with fanciful thoughts and hallucinations. I began to believe the TShirt was alive in some way, a symbiote living and merging with me. A strange voice in my head whispering “10 Grand! 10 Grand!” But it’s all gone away now, might have been be an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, a fragment of underdone potato. Could have just been gas.

Not that being taken over by a symbiote is necessarily a bad thing, superpowers would be cool, but if all it could do was chant “Ten Grand” in my head, well that’s pretty lame. That’s almost Aquaman lame when you think about it, so I try not to.

The two biggest challenges have had to do with not covering the logos on the front and back in any way.

Firstly I usually carry a satchel with various bits and bobs in it, but the strap would go right through the image on both sides. I transferred things to a backpack, but that I carry by it’s handle because again, on my back, the logo would be covered.

Second, There wasn’t much size choice left when I was lucky enough to get the shirt. It’s an XL and although it fits snugly, there is no way I’m able to wear a coat under it. Thankfully the weather has cooperated so far and I’ve only had to go from my apartment to my car, then into work and back again. If I end up having to use the snowblower, I’m just going to put on a pair of shorts to complete that summer look and get some ridiculous pictures that I’ll be able to look back on and laugh at after I thaw out.

Thanks about it for now. More updates to come as the contest continues.


- Steve

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John Bennett said...

Nickleback's real.... And that's horrifying!