Friday, March 28, 2014

Quest for $10,000 Part 8

Contestant's Log, Stardate; -308763.61

Allegedly, the TShirt Police exist.

Allegedly, they came to my workplace on my night off

Allegedly, it's not a ploy to incite paranoia like I thought.

Allegedly, they do check up on you by surprise.

Allegedly, they were going to come back at some point this past night

Now I'm not saying they were here, I'm not saying they weren't. There are potential eyewitness accounts of visual confirmation and interaction with these alleged TShirt Police. Well, tonight I waited up all night (I would anyway, I'm working) but much like the child who waits all night on Christmas Eve to see Santa, I saw no one.

I'm not saying they're real, I'm not saying they're not real.

I'm not saying it's all a conspiracy, I'm not saying it's not.

What the? Where did he come from. Oh right, I'm talking conspiracies and throwing around the word "Allegedly." My bad, didn't mean to invoke aliens in this, but I can see how I drew his attention.

Where was I?... Oh right! The contest.

Well it's Day 12 so there's only 2 more days and then the finale. I think I've held up well, minus a couple of mental vacations I took along the way. I'm back to my Stylish Self again and the shirt is still in great shape. I can't wait till Monday to see the condition of some of the other shirts. I can't wait to see how many of us make it to the final. I can't wait to see what the final challenge is. I can't wait to see the disappointment on the others faces when I walk away ten grand richer.

Still holding out hope that I'll see these TShirt Police between now and then. I'm working every night between now and the final, midnight to eight in the morning. Though I think I'll have more luck catching a leprechaun.


 - Steve (Allegedly)

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