Saturday, March 22, 2014

Quest for $10,000 Part 2

Contestants log; stardate -308780.43

It's Day Six of the HitsFM $10,000 tshirt contest and I'm still going strong. The shirt is holding up well and is still stain free. Doesn't even smell to bad either, but let's face it, I don't take part in many strenuous activities. It has stretched a bit for more comfort, but it had to, I'm a big boy and it's an XL shirt. It has two choices, stretch or rip and thankfully it's chosen the former.

The Green certainly is striking, a definite change from my usual wardrobe choices of something black, something black or something black. Matter of fact, I think my regular clothing is getting jealous of the attention, sometimes I think I can hear whispers from my dresser, disjointed and disgruntled sounds. The harsh neglect being enforced on my other shirts, they don't understand the contest or the drive to win, all they know is they aren't being worn. How can they understand, they're just shirts after all, they don't really talk or have personality, I know that. I'm not crazy after all... must keep up appearances... can't let them think I'm onto their plotting and schemes... stupid shirts... I'll show them, I'll win the ten grand and replace them all!

Ahahahahahaha..... *cough*.... *Ahem*

Yeah, so it's going well, I'm still in good spirits and full of determination to be the last shirt wearer standing. Just eight more days to go, that's not really that long a time. I can do it, I know I'm gonna win.

On another note, I still haven't seen these so called "TShirt Police" and I maintain that it's just a tool of the Shirtless Bourgeoisie designed to increase my paranoia and make me fear that someone is lurking around every corner, waiting to see if I'll slip up and not be wearing the shirt or have it covered. I WILL NOT LIVE IN FEAR! I will proudly wear this shirt until the end when I stand victorious atop my slain enemies... I mean until I win the ten thousand dollars...


- Steve

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