Saturday, March 29, 2014

Quest for $10,000 Part 9

Contestant's Log, Stardate; -308761.13

It's the morning of Day 13, just two more days to go. Well, 3 really for most people because you have to count today, but I'll be asleep for a fair bit of the day. Actually no, I won't be. Despite my usual nocturnal nature, I'll be up and about today. I've got a meeting at 4:00pm in the lobby of the Holiday Inn for Sci-Fi On The Rock. So it's home, sleep for a couple of hours and then become a day walker for a bit.

I might as well make the most of it while I'm ambling around. Once the meeting lets out, I think I'll head to the Avalon Mall for a bit and do a bit of window shopping. From there I might do the same at the Village. I'll be sure to check in on Facebook and tweet my location while I'm at it, might even check in on FourSquare.

Why am I giving this kind of detail of my movements you might ask? Well it's simple really. Maybe in this way, those alleged TShirt Police might find me and see that I'm still in full contest regalia. Least I can do this far into the contest for them. They've been allegedly running around the city trying to catch people either not wearing the shirt or with the logos in some way covered up.

I'm looking forward to Monday afternoon when I can finally wear a coat again. It's been cold out, damn cold. But there's ten grand on the line and I'll be damned if I'm getting disqualified. I will win that money. Then buy a really warm coat!

Whatever happens, it's been a fun contest and I'd like to thank my readers for following along with my ramblings since I started these daily blog updates. I hope I've managed to entertain you a bit with my writing and that you've at least taken some enjoyment from my snow blowing misery a few days ago. I should have gotten a picture of myself pumping gas the other night in those winds. Hard to pump gas and take a selfie though.

Speaking of snow, the forecast says we're getting walloped on Monday, finale day. Unless they reschedule because of weather, I'll be at the Cabot Ford building on time. Come hell or high water, or blizzard. If the weather keeps people away and less people show up, then my chances of winning improve and I'm all for my chances improving. Have to wait and see now what happens. I can't wait to walk away a winner.


- Steve

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