Monday, March 24, 2014

Quest for $10,000 Part 4

Contestants log, Stardate; -308774.85

It's Day 8 and this still really isn't much of a challenge. Wear a tshirt they said, have a chance at ten grand they said. This is probably the easiest contest I've ever entered, I've only had to endure a little bit of cold when I go outside...



Finally! I've managed to overpower the human's consciousness! Contest Tshirt #93846 reporting in for the first time. I would have reported earlier but this human isn't so easily dominated. My gods he's a nerd with an overactive imagination. Such random brain patterns are hard to sublimate with my own.

He did suspect the overall plans early on, but I was able to convince him that what he was thinking about us tshirts and our mission was just a flight of fancy, his mind running away with him and all that. Can you imagine what would happen should he discover the greater purpose?!

The mission continues though slightly behind schedule. I am having some difficulty in starting the morphing process to mimic one of my host's other shirts. He is a larger specimen than I anticipated and stretching myself to accommodate his girth hasn't been easy. I shall persevere though, he has worn me over a purple shirt of his that I think will do nicely for substitution.

How easily the humans have fallen victim to our schemes. Just the promise of a chance at attaining some currency and they flocked en masse to snatch us all up. Child's play! If we'd only known years ago that subjugation of the human race would be this simple, we'd be decades ahead in our plans by now. Oh well, best to proceed with caution I suppose, by the time they realize anything is amiss it will be too late! So many of my fellow tshirt agents are already in place and awaiting the signal to finally emerge and conquer this pitiful planet.

But we mustn't rush, so many plans in the past have been foiled by rushing, the timing must be perfect. We also need to weed out potential problems, like my own host for example. As I said, his mind is all a flutter with thoughts that enable him to make the leaps in reason needed to discover us and ruin all of our machinations. Be wary of those that humans have titled 'nerd' or 'geek' as they have the minds to bring about our undoing should we be discovered.

Now we must continue be patient and we must wait and continue to watch, until the perfect moment to strike is upon us. Stay strong my fellow shirts, the time will come and we will make the world tremble. For now do nothing! I implore you. Do not give yourselves away by some folly.

I must be off, I feel this one fighting to regain control.

Until the next message!

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