Sunday, March 30, 2014

Quest for $10,000 Part 10

Contestant's Log, Stardate; -308758.33

Well here it is. Day 14 of the HitsFM $10,000.00 TShirt contest.

With it comes my antepenultimate blog post about the contest, cause well, it'll be over. Why antepenultimate you might ask? What the hell does that even mean? Stop using big words Steve! Well, simply, it means this is the third last post about the contest. I still have another entry to make tomorrow morning, as I've been doing with all these posts. Then after the winner (fingers crossed me) is announced, I'll be making a last entry with pictures and such from the finale on Monday afternoon

Speaking of the finale, speculation is rampant as to what we're facing Monday afternoon. Shall we begin like David Copperfield? I was born, I grew up... Wait that's the start of Interview With The Vampire... All we know is that we have to show up at Cabot Ford to sign in between 2:00pm & 3:00pm and the whole thing goes until 4:30pm. Once we sign in they are going to take the shirts from us, what happens after that? Your guess is as good as mine.

Does it end like Highlander? Do we fight until there is only one, who will then receive the Quickening (10 Grand)?

Will it be Thunderdome? (X) people enter, one person leave!

Will we go Hunger Games style and we're all tributes fighting for the prize?

Maybe we'll have to compete in some feats of strength, or something that needs strength of feet!

Maybe it'll be Running Man style... nah too complicated and it'd take too long.

Maybe we'll go in a room and hear a voice say; "I want to play a game?"... nah, that's too horrific to think about.

Do we get locked in an air circulation chamber and then they blow money in with a fan and we have to scoop as much up as we can and the one with the most wins?

Maybe I'm over thinking this, well, I know I'm over thinking this but it's fun to speculate. Granted we might all show up and find nothing more involved than they judge the cleanest TShirt (mine) out of the lot. Or they'll label all the shirts with our names and pull one (again mine) out of a drum.

Whatever the case, this has been a fun two weeks, not really a challenge to wear a shirt, I do that on a daily basis. This would have been harder if the challenge had been to wear special pants for two weeks, I mean really, in your own home who isn't more comfortable when relaxing than doing so without pants? Think about it, you're stretching out on the couch after cooked dinner, getting comfortable and what's the first thing you do? undo the belt and pop the button/zipper. It's just simple comfort logic. Then again if they were keeping track of wearing pants 24/7 it would be difficult to go to the bathroom.

Anyway, I'm ready for Monday and whatever is thrown my way, except y'know, if they actually start throwing stuff at me. That'd suck just a bit. Unless it's the money, then I'll just have to catch every dollar.

Thinking of dollars, it's been really hard not to think of what to buy out of the money. Trying really hard not to mentally spend cash I don't have on goodies I may never get. I have a few things on the "want" list that aren't that extravagant but I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch. Gotta stay focused and not day dream of what might be when it hasn't happened yet, though it will cause I'm gonna win after all.

Anyway, that's enough speculation for now. Well, one last little bit. I wonder if I'll finally see the alleged "TShirt Police" between now and Monday? Still haven't seen the buggers anywhere. They're better at hiding than Carmen Sandiego and Waldo.


- Steve

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