Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Quest for $10,000 Part 6

Contestants Log, Stardate; -308769.35

Here I am in the morning of Day 10 of the HitsFM $10,000 TShirt contest. Still going strong after what was a pretty uneventful Day 9. Still no sign of the so called TShirt Police, though I did roam the city today since I was off. If they find me, they find me, if they don't then I'm sure I'll see them all on Monday the 31st at the finale.

The lengths that myself and other contestants have gone through to keep the shirts on, especially in the face of the weather the past couple of days, has been awesome. If nothing else, we can all be proud of the fact that we haven't faltered in our commitment to see this through to the end. That being said, would some of you go get disqualified already!? This is making it harder for me to be sure that I win the Ten Grand! :-)

Update, I still haven't found my shorts. Sad news I know, but I do have high hopes ahead of the approaching snowmageddon that will no doubt wreak havoc as Wednesday afternoon and evening go on. How much we're getting is a matter of conjecture, it was originally supposed to be 15-20 cms but since has changed to 5-10 cms with rain and ice pellets mixed in and 120 kph winds. Going out in that in shorts is gonna suck!

I'll once again have to call upon those disciplines shown to me by those Shambala Masters. Meditation and self hypnosis are the keys here. I'll take my brain away to a happy, warmer place and I won't feel the cold assault on my body and assorted parts. Buggers better be right about it, the correspondence course school closed before I got the final lesson but I'm sure I can wing it and I'll be fine. Nothing bad has ever happened to someone just winging it, I'll be fine... I think... stupid Shambala Mastery by mail, who does anything by mail anymore anyway? You'd think Shangri-La would have email by now.

Just gotta make it to Monday. That is my mantra now, that is my focus. I will win, there is no other option. I have to beat out a couple of friends and even family to do it. But I will do it. It's not arrogance, it's just a healthy dose of self confidence. Though I am trying to temper my confidence with patience, I'm not spending like wildfire or even thinking of what I can buy or do with Ten Grand. Well maybe a little, but that can't be helped.

Now, I'm off to prepare for the days activities. Where the hell are those shorts? I swear sometimes I think my dresser is like a TARDIS, its bigger on the inside.


- Steve

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