Sunday, March 03, 2013

Twisted Wording


in-box [in-boks]
1. a boxlike tray, basket, or the like, as on a desk, for holding incoming mail, messages, or work.

2. Computers. a folder for receiving and storing incoming e-mails or text messages.

A Noun is a person, place, or object.

A Verb is an action word.

You cannot change a Noun into a Verb. You can Verb a Noun, you cannot Noun a Verb.

It would sound pretty ridiculous if I asked someone to "countertop me a sandwich"

It's equally as ridiculous when someone asks us to "inbox me."

There is no way for me to do that, that's not an action. I can no more "inbox" someone than I can "jigsaw puzzle" them.

Now if you'll excuse me I'll get off this soapbox I've been velociraptor on.

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