Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The systematic elimination of fun

First fireworks and now sliding.
Ban sliding... What's next? No skating on ponds? No snowball fights? No building a snow fort?

As a kid, I went sliding on down the hill by the Elk's club off Carpasian Road and in Bowring Park and in Pippy Park, down the hill, all the way out onto Long Pond, before the Fluvarium went in. Even skied down that hill in Pippy, we used to have races to see who could get to the pond first and who went furthest out on the ice.

Hell, I remember nights when me, my father and sister, skied down Anspach Street to go to the store because the roads were too bad to drive on.

Never broke a bone, never got a concussion, and if I did then so what? It's part of being a kid and growing up!

When you rolled off the toboggan, you either threw yourself in a belly flop/slide down the rest of the hill or waited to meet the others as they dragged it back up the hill again.

Let's not forget ramps, oh the snow ramps we made in Bowring Park. All the kids taking turns with one guys GT Snow Racer to see who could get the biggest air on a jump.

You got home from school, put your snow pants on and got outside, had snowball fights, built forts and dug tunnels, along with an afternoon of sliding. You went home after the 3rd time your parents called out that it was supper time... or the 4th.

We all got out and played and got dirty and got bumps and bruises and scraps and cuts. We got up, dusted ourselves off and kept going. Our parents didn't try to put us in protective, sterile, antiseptic bubbles and we shouldn't be doing it to the next generation. The worst thing is, this new, overprotective crowd are people my age who did all this shit as kids, when we were allowed to be kids.

They survived, their kids will survive too, y'know cause we banned lawn darts.

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