Saturday, September 22, 2012

Philosophical Questions

A friend of mine asked: “Which is better; True love or great sex?”

Well, True Love is supposed to be this amazing, incredible feeling. Two people have a mutual attraction to each other and some say right away (love at first sight) or over time, develop a deep understanding and respect for one another. Devoting yourself completely to another person, enjoying every minute that you are with them and missing them when they are not around. Gaining the understanding to interpret their emotions and thoughts with just a change in their body language or a simple look. Enjoying the simple bliss of just being with that person, sharing in everything that you do.

Great sex is, for lack of a better term, great. When two people can come together (pun intended) for their mutual enjoyment and experience complete and total satisfaction and gratification. Whether it lasts five minutes or takes hours of exploration and experimentation depends on the people, but when the end result is an exhausted, contented, tangled, quivering mass of flesh, they will both agree that the experience was fantastic.

But which is better? Both certainly have their upsides. Love is one of the most incredible feelings, but so is the afterglow of great sex. Are they mutually exclusive? Not really, though you can experience love with any level of sex, regular, ok or great. You certainly don’t need to be in love to have great sex, but one can certainly enhance the other.

One can even lead to the other. One encounter of great sex can lead to multiple encounters, that can lead to getting to know a person besides just lusty feelings. Getting to know someone can lead to friendship and potentially a relationship and over time can lead to falling in love and then you’re in love with the person you started out just having great sex with. True love leads to wanting to learn about and please the love of your life. Part of that is learning what they are like in bed. Being an active listener and observer of your partner’s reactions leads to knowing what they like and don’t like and next thing you know, you’re having great sex with your true love.

But figuring out what one is better really has to do with the individual. You have to get a little introspective and ask yourself; “What aspect of me needs fulfillment?”

Is it the emotional need to love and be loved? To give the keys to your heart and soul to someone as they give you the same.

Or are the the physical needs of the body calling the loudest for excitement and sensual release?

Do you look forward to lazy evenings cuddling on a couch in a haze of contentment?

Or do you crave the the endorphin rush that starts with seeing a great set of legs and a little black dress?

Figure that out and you'll have your answer

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Anonymous said...

More in depth than I was expecting, and I didn't actually find out the answer, but a good post nonetheless.