Monday, September 24, 2012

Let's try this again...

So when I started doing this I made a commitment to myself that I'd do a blog entry a day.

Then life got busier and I had less free time to think of what I could write about every day. I don't want this to be a classic journal or "Dear Diary" type of blog. I'm not going to describe my day and I'm not going to get into anything personal cause I don't need that part of my life online.

Random thoughts that pop into my head work, I have enough strange ideas in the run of a day to fill the space, if I sit for a minute and think about it. I wrote an entire entry on Nothing, if I can make that work then I can do damn near anything I think. So I'm going to try this again, I'm going to commit to making an entry a day, about whatever topic pops into my head that I can expand on. Random thoughts, social commentary, pet peeves or even writing projects I'm working on.

That's one benefit that I have seen from trying to do this. By making myself write and get into the habit of writing something every day, the old creative juices are starting to flow. Right now I'm carrying a book to write in wherever I go and it's got my notes and stories that I'm working on. I've gotten back to working on my novel as well as another short story with the same characters from two other short stories that I've had published, and another short story set in the Engen universe that my friend Matt LeDrew created. I've added a few pages to each story this week and the words seem to be jumping from the pen to the page.

It feels good to be at this again, I've been disappointed in myself that I haven't been able to write more or to find the time to write more since I really want to get more things published and of course, have fun along the way. That's first and foremost what these stories are for me, fun. I had to get back into the right mindset it seems for things to gel again, I've said that I was waiting for the characters to tell me what was going to happen next, well it turns out they were and I just wasn't listening.

That's it for now, I think I will post some of what I've been working on later, or tomorrow. Yeah that'll be tomorrow's entry, that'll work.



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