Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mythological Mayhem

I've been watching a lot of Gargoyles lately and it's reminded me how much I love mythology and ancient legends.
I can get lost for hours reading about King Arthur, Avalon, Odin, Thor, Oberon & Titania and a host of other legends. I've always been fascinated by magic and mystery. The power and intrigue, the might, tempered with good judgement. The classic struggle of Good vs. Evil.

The sense of awe when you hear the name Merlin, the wonderment at the tricks of Loki and Puck. The spiritualism taught in the stories of Norse, Old English and Native American mythology.

It's helped me develop an open mind over the years and an abiding respect for the world around me.

I'll expand on this later as I think on it. For now, I'm off to work for the night.

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