Monday, October 01, 2012

Weekend Geekery, Epilogue

Just got home from Atlanti-CON ( and all I can say is "Wow! What a weekend!"

Seriously, I love being  a nerd. I love the people I've met when attending and working for the conventions here in Newfoundland. Nerds are the most awesome group of people to associate with, there's almost a telepathic bond when they congregate where they instantly understand each other and all the geeky/nerdy/obscure/pop-culture references they make. There's no other social group like it anywhere.

I've now been on the committee for one convention ( and attended three others in Newfoundland, Newfoundland's West Coast Con, Peninsula Fantasy Con and Atlanti-CON and I've been to an SFX Weekender in England and nowhere else can you say that you are among strangers but instantly among friends at the same time.

This was, hands down, one of the best convention experiences that I've had. The organizers pulled out all the stops and set a bar high enough that I have to go back next year to see how they can top it.  The panels were very interesting and enjoyable, the dealers room was full of all manner of geeky wares, I again hosted my traveling trivia contest and it was a blast, I got my drink on and for the first time in a decade got my dance on and didn't hurt the next morning.

Also, since it was on the menu at the pizza place, and since it's a reference in The Avengers, I had to try Shawarma, and now I'm slightly addicted.  It's a great way to prepare chicken and I want more. I have to find it here in St. John's now. It's that good, or maybe it's cause my first perceptions of it are from when I was drunk, but I had it again sober and it didn't diminish in my mind or taste buds.

Now of course, the good natured glove of competition has been thrown down and we of Sci-Fi On The Rock have to throw one hell of a party in April of 2013 to live up to the expectations that Atlanti-CON have set... Gee Thanks Guys! :P

In all seriousness though, Jeff Keeping, Matt Conolly and the rest of the crew pulled off an amazing show.

Also you have to check out Geeks vs. Nerds ( and most importantly Fat Apollo ( he is one of the funniest, nicest, most genuine, caring people that I've met through these conventions. Not only is he a great storyteller and comedian, but he also helps raise awareness and money for Autism research. How cool is that?

See, that's part of what I'm getting at, nerds are awesome people.

and that's the best way to sum it all up



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