Friday, February 13, 2015

Now a guide to what your Birthday really means

January - Jesus wasn't the only one who rose at Easter
February - The Jacuzzi suite on Mother's Day worked
March - on Father's Day, she remembered that Jacuzzi suite on Mother's Day
April - Fireworks weren't the only things that went off on Canada Day / Independence Day
May - Some games on Regatta Day lead to a prize (Newfoundland only, see local holidays and observances for your area)
June - Who knew that party on Labour Day would lead to Labour...
July - The Turkey wasn't the only thing stuffed on Thanksgiving (Canada)
August - Sometimes, slutty Halloween costumes work
September - Your parents had a Merry Christmas
October - They rang in the New Year with a bang
November - It was a Happy Valentine's Day
December - St. Patrick's Day was a blast

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