Tuesday, November 28, 2017

5 years of Weathery Goodness

**My gods, this broadcast room is a mess. Dust everywhere, is that a cobweb or a spiderweb? Does the cleaning service ever come in here when I'm away? Well there's still power in here anyway, I can see one blinking light on the board... dammit!**

**Tap Tap**

Ladies and Gentlesubjects, I'm back! Did you miss me? Hope you're all doing well, I'm still doing good. I've been away acquring new technology and recruits for the lab, and more importantly, the harem.

Speaking of the lab, I have a note from the Lab Boys. "Sir, there appears to be some residual particulate matter acting as percipitate in the atmosphere." Crimeny, can't you eggheads just say that it's snowing?! Stop using big words to try and justify your Phds!

Anyway, they tell me it's just the result of a routine flushing of the hydrothermal transtator to make sure the deuterium... um... science and technobabble... lollipop... stuff. Point is, the Weather Machine™ is still online but cutting in and out from a maintenance cycle. The whitecoats don't expect it to last long, but please be aware that the looting orders could come at any moment.

Also, today marks the 5 year anniversary of my founding of the Bunker™ and bringing Weather Machine 1.0™ online. To celebrate, I'll be spending 5 hours in the grotto with the girls while the Lab Boys put get 5 extra hours...of unpaid overtime. Gotta keep this place running after all.

We're done here.

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