Sunday, February 10, 2013

Present storm conclusion

**Tap Tap**

Ladies & Gentlemen, Friends, Future Test Subjects, we made it through another one. By we I of course mean you because I've been safe and sound as usual.

By the way, you can thank me and the lab boys for the sudden mild upswing in the temperature. Mid storm they were able to get the Weather Control Machine working again and voila, that snow turned to rain before the things could get completely buried. The Machine is humming nicely and we should be able to keep this up for a couple of days at least.

As always, you're continued and mandatory looting contributions are appreciated, we've collected enough this time to give the lab boys a bonus and expand the BBQ pit, can fit a whole pig in there now!

Also, I have to acknowledge the work put in by Stan in the accounting department, he was the one who came up with the 5% increase on your loot n' plunder. He's got a sharp mind there! Good  ambitions, that was management level thinking. He'll go places... just not here. There's only room for one man in charge around here and that's me! Stan, you're fired!

There, now that's out of the way I've got important things to get to, that pig needs basting and tasting. Oh and before I go, I've got the henchman's list narrowed down and I'm almost ready to start interviews. Those who applied for the Concubine positions, I'll be reviewing your audition tapes this week! Looking forward to that!

Until the next storm, I'll be watching!

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