Saturday, August 11, 2012

GPS Follies Part Deux

Well that was anticlimactic...

I loaded up the NAVFree App again and told it I wanted to go home and except for one bit of fuckery at the start, it pretty much took me home in the reverse of my normal route.  No trips through downtown, no trips waaay out to C.B.S. Pretty much straight home.

But the fuckery. Instead of going down Portugal Cove Rd. to Higgins Line and then to Allandale Rd, It took me up onto the Outer Ring from Portugal Cove Rd. to Allandale Rd.  So I got teased with 100 km/h speeds for under 1 minute and then back to a 50 km/h road.


I could have taken a couple of different city roads instead of a tiny section of highway to get to the same damn place.  Why this stupid detour that served no benefit?

Then for the rest of the trip the app was silent.  Nothing, no voice at all telling me when to turn.  Not even a "keep right" at the merge intersection from Allandale Rd onto Prince Phillip Dr. The next time I heard the voice I was 250 metres from home and it said "Destination Ahead" even though my driveway was 40 metres shy of where the app wanted me to go. 

It's not a bad app overall, I don't see myself getting much, if any use of it, in the city. Though I have a trip to Corner Brook coming up at the end of September and it might just come in handy considering the last time I was there, I got lost trying to leave.  Only time will tell if it happens again.

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