Friday, August 24, 2012

Ongoing Alcohol Experiments

So last week was a fluke, at least that's what the latest bit of research is leading me to believe. Some friends are on vacation so we took the opportunity to flee the city to a cabin and enjoy some downtime that included BBQ, a fire pit and copious amounts of alcohol.

I brought a 1.18 litre bottle of beer that I had and the remaining 3/4 of the 26er of rum that I still had from last week and at about four in the afternoon started in on enjoying the hell out of it. At seven o'clock the beer was gone and the rum had a nice dent in it and I felt fine. Actually on taking inventory it was decided that to get through the night, I would need more rum, so we made an impromptu trip back to civilization to a liquor store where I picked up an extra flask.

Meets were grilled, music was played, songs were sung and, when the sun went down, a fire was lit.  The rum was holding out and I was feeling better about my normal drinking prowess being intact. I could still walk, talk, sing off key and carry on a conversation. As opposed to last week, when after only three drinks, I could barely stand and felt generally over drunk.

To compare both instances, I had eaten beforehand and during the consumption of alcohol, relatively the same amount of food. I had the same rum as last time, I was even mixing roughly the same ratio of rum to cola. But unlike last time, I was able to not only finish the 26er, I also consumed half the flask which puts me just about back to my normal ability of being able to enjoy myself and remain coherent after drinking a 26er of rum. Just a bit more alcohol this time when the bottle of beer is factored in.

I'm still going to need to do more research into this, to confirm that the "lightweight" night last week was a singular occurrence and that last night wasn't a "Superman" night where alcohol has little to no effect, not matter how much one drinks.

Until the next experiment, "Bottom's Up!"



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