Saturday, August 11, 2012

GPS Follies

So I have this GPS app on my iPhone, NavFree by name. I don't really need GPS in St. John's, I know my way around as well as most people but I figured I'd give it a shot and it's free and I never know when I'm going to be traveling, so what the hell.

I tried it out last night for my trip to work, I live in Killbride and work near the Airport. Now normally this trip takes me about 15 minutes, give or take a traffic light. I take a simple route across town most nights; Bay Bulls Rd -> Columbus Dr -> Prince Phillip Dr -> Allandale Rd -> Portugal Cove Rd -> Chinook Lane and I'm there.

I wanted to see what ideas the app had so I put in my address and my work address and asked it to plot a route. Then the fun began. Here's the route;

Bay Bulls Rd -> Harour Arterial -> Water St -> Prescott St (WTF) -> Queens Rd -> Rennies Mill Rd -> Portugal Cove Rd (the very bottom) -> Chinook Lane to the hotel.

Instead of going pretty much through the middle of the city, it took me around an edge and then straight up. Strangest route I've ever seen to get to the airport.

I can't wait to see how it gets me home again this morning.

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