Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hangouts and Hangups

So I'm trying to expand my online presence, problem is that I don't trust most things online (as any good tech-geek shouldn't)  The more that you put out there, the more that can come back and bite you in the ass, depending on what you choose to say.

Seeing that I've committed to putting a blog up everyday, that kinda means that I'll be saying a lot more stuff, relevant or not.  Now I'm probably not gonna say a lot of personal things, I don't like putting that out here in cyberspace at all.  Most of the time my Facebook status updates have nothing to do with life, they're usually movie quotes or trivial things or videos, but nothing personal.  If you want to keep something to yourself, the last thing that you want o do is put it up as a Facebook status.

So I've got the Blog here, I've got my Facebook page (no I'm not linking that), my Google+ (that's linked to my profile here) I'm trying to get more active on Twitter and on my YouTube page, though that's mostly for videos for The Whostorian. But in a roundabout way, that's bringing me to the topic at hand.

Google and YouTube have this wonderful tie in for each other called Google Hangouts.  You go into Google+ and start a hangout, or go to YouTube and when you're logged in you get a message that you can broadcast on your channel.  I've tested it out a few times now and amazingly I've gotten viewers, though I haven't figured out the chat function yet to see what people are saying on YouTube.  I think I'll have to be logged in as another account to on my laptop to see the comments stream coming up.

That being said, I think it's pretty cool and I'm gonna start using it regularly once a week I think, just to login and start rambling.  Depending on who's watching I'll either respond to the chat and keep rambling or else do a live video Whostorian.  Either way I'm online more and more and in a plethora (look it up) of ways now.  Not too bad for a guy who likes to keep a lot of things private and who generally doesn't have much to say or comment on online.

Wonder when I'll actually start linking this to my Facebook or Twitter? Right now I just post the Blog and it auto shares to Google+, but beyond that I'm not publicizing that I'm writing a Blog. I'm just quietly writing for now and not drawing attention to it.  That'll change I'm sure. Heck I never thought I'd have readers, but according to the stats, you're out there. So again I say "Hello there!"



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