Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Untitled, just because

I already did the entry about nothing, so I guess this one will have to be about something.

A blog entry a day, that's what I've been trying to stick to. Thing is that I don't always have something on my mind.  A couple of these blogs have been general bitching, a couple have been just random observations, and I've got the booze entries. It's all just a random jumble of what's on my mind or something that comes to mind at the time of typing.

Tonight though, I don't have anything really on my mind. Sure I'm thinking about my next Whostorian episode, what I'm gonna do at work tonight, if my favourite web sites have any updates, but none of that makes for a particularly interesting entry. It's all just pretty normal, run of the mill stuff that's bouncing around my skull.

I've been missing England a lot lately, I spent a week there in February and it was not nearly enough time. It's hard to explain the feeling I had walking around on English soil. Most people have a sense of home and a sense of belonging to a particular place, usually their birthplace or city. Newfoundlanders especially have a sense of home for the island that we cling to, there's a joke that goes; "If heaven is such a perfect and nice place, how can you identify a Newfoundlander? They're the ones who want to go home." As a traveling Newfoundlander, no matter where they are, no matter where they settled, they always have this longing for home and they will come home eventually, if only for a visit to recharge the batteries so to speak.

As connected to this island as I am, walking around in England, I got that feeling of home. I'd come home, I was where I belong. Then, all too quickly, I had to leave. I could spend years getting lost wandering around London, let alone the rest of the country. I went from London to Beverly in Yorkshire, to Wales and back to London and I had so much fun exploring and just being there.

I'm going back, one way or another I will find my way back to my second island, and I will take more than a week to get lost and explore the sights and sounds that are there. To explore that sense of home and what it means and if I truly want to uproot myself and resettle there. So many questions, so many thoughts, so many desires. Almost too many to explore in one lifetime, good think I intend on living forever. So far, so good.



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