Monday, August 20, 2012

Nothing really...

I got nothing.

Usually I have an idea or a story or something on my mind that I can turn into a posting, but tonight I got nothing. That in itself I suppose is something, after all if I can talk about nothing then it becomes something. There's content in talking about nothing, so then it must be something instead of nothing, or is it something else?

Can you really change nothing into something? I know you can make something out of nothing at times, then again if you're able to make something then you must have had something else to start with and you couldn't have had nothing at all. You can do the reverse, you can make something into nothing by talking away from it until you're left with nothing, but that's a result and not a starting point. A starting point has to be somewhere and if it's somewhere then it stands to reason that there's something there to start with.

I suppose if you have nothing and someone gives you something then you really did start with nothing until something was given so your starting point would then be nothing. So it would look like:

Start -> Nothing
Step One - Given Something
Step Two - ????
Step Three - Profit?

Would you know something if you saw it? Or would you think it was something else? Or nothing?  If you're not looking for something you can hardly be expected to recognize it when you see it. If you're expecting nothing then that's most likely what you'll see. If you see something, would you think it's something else and disregard it as nothing? Would that mean that if you're looking for something even if that something is nothing? Does that make nothing something? Is that how you make something out of nothing? You make nothing something when you look for it so you don't actually start with nothing, you've had something all along.

Is anyone ever really satisfied with nothing? Do you always have to have something, even if it's something else and not the something you wanted at the beginning?

I know I enjoy it when I'm doing nothing, though truth be told, even when I'm doing nothing, I'm doing something. But that something is not something that could be regarded as something so I just say I'm doing nothing, even though it I'm doing something when I could be doing something else. Even sleeping is doing something but you can't really answer the question' "what are you doing?" when you're asleep. When you wake up you can say, "I was doing nothing because I was asleep." Even though you're saying that you were doing nothing and sleeping at the same time.

How do you do something and nothing at the same time? Is that a contradiction? Could there be something else going on?

I seem to have gone on for a long time about nothing, I guess I had something after all.



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