Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Uphill battles

So in the coming months I'm not gonna be popular with some people. I'm ok with that, I can't be liked by everyone. But this is a case of putting my foot down for something that I believe in and something that is long overdue in happening.

I'm on the committee for a Sci-Fi Convention. We're going into our 7th year and it's shaping up to be a blast. I'm spearheading an idea that I honestly don't believe should be getting the resistance that it has in past years.

We've pulled together and run what has grown into an amazing and successful convention, we've done this by promoting the fact that there is something for everyone and it's a "family friendly" environment. That's caused both success and problems. We get requests every year to have something that caters to a mature audience, an event like a dance or a party or something where adults can be adults and party and drink if they choose, without children running underfoot.

We get the requests, but the "family friendly" contingent pushes back hard against anything that a) excludes children and b) involves alcohol. This year I'm not hearing any of it.  I've got an idea for a party and I'm not letting anyone change the plans.  98% of the convention is completely G rated and while that's fun, there needs to be something for adults to get and keep their interest.

Friday night this year I'm opening one of the Salons for a party, booking a DJ and having the hotel run a bar. There will be music, drinks and a hell of a good time and I'm not entertaining any changes or thoughts on changing any of those aspects.

That's why I say I'm not gonna be well liked by some people. I'm putting my foot down and I'm sticking to my guns and other such examples. If in doing so I come across as an asshole then so be it. We have to make changes to bring people in and if a rockin' good time will help then dammit I'm gonna do it.

Also, I wanna have fun and drink.



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