Friday, August 31, 2012

People Watching again

I'm back to things I don't understand about things I see people do while I'm working in a hotel. This is part confused observation and part my own little quirk about something common and I admit, that part is all in my head, but it's the lead up I don't get.

A guest comes to check out of the hotel and places the key cards on the counter, I see them place the cards there or I let them know that it's fine to leave the cards there. Then I move to the computer to process check out. Sounds routine, so far normal. Now, regardless of where they have laid the cards, and that I have acknowledged that I know where the cards are, they have to pick them up again and place them in front of me, point to them and then try to hand the cards directly to me.

Not sounding strange? They can walk right up to the counter in front of my computer while I'm stood there, place the cards right there in front of me, say "here are the cards" and then go through check out, and at the last second, just as I'm handing them the bill, they will pick up the cards again and move them no more than two inches closer and say "there are the cards." Yes. I see them. I haven't forgotten in the past thirty seconds where they are or that you've placed them on the counter six inches and then four inches from me. I know they are there, I've acknowledged that I see them, you don't need to persist in treating me like I'm blind.

That's the first scenario, the second is that they repeatedly pick up the cards and try to hand them to me. This is the part that's my own quirk, I don't like being handed things. I don't know why, it just makes me uncomfortable to be handed something. Lay it on the counter and I'll pick it up no problem, handing it to me just seems distasteful in some strange way. My own weirdness, me and Tony Stark. I know it's strange, I know it's really weird considering people want to pass me the room keys so they feel in some way that they've passed responsibility for them back to me, but seriously, leaving them on the counter is fine. We both saw you do it, in most cases I've said "that's fine, leave them there." but yet you have to insist on picking them up again and trying to force them into my hand. It's not needed, really.

Maybe I'm just too weird sometimes.



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