Thursday, August 09, 2012

Unspecified Neurons Firing

Over a month between postings, not a bad record for a guy who has gone 5 & 10 years between posts. Before July, my last post was that long ago that the templates system hadn't been thought of, let along implemented on this thing.

Finally got my podcast moved to it's new home, and it looks great. Had a few kinks working out the RSS feed but I got it sorted. I even attached a separate blog to it, great more postings for me to make lol. But they'll all be Doctor Who related anyway, this is more general.

Starting to get ready for Sci-Fi On The Rock next year too, the number of emails I had yesterday evening when I woke up (I work nights) was staggering, somewhere over 70 new messages to read through. That's just the tip of the iceberg now though, there will be thousands I'm sure between now and next April.

For now I gotta go check my Brisket, it should be steamed goodness soon. Maybe I'll post pics of it later.

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