Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ghost Sightings II

Welcome back to the Lounge, gather round, settle in and get comfortable.  Everyone's drinks alright? Good, good. I'm going on with another ghost story tonight so I'll dim the lights just a bit more than normal to set the mood.

Now last time I told about the old farmer in my apartment who isn't happy that there are people he doesn't know living in 'his' house. Well this is another event concerning him and I had a witness to the event, so I know I'm not crazy, or we both are.

This was a quiet night in the apartment. My landlord and his girlfriend were away and even their dog was staying elsewhere while they traveled. The only people in the house, the only living people I should say, were myself and my friend Mike. We were in the living room watching tv and talking, enjoying the show Most Haunted. It's one of my favourite of the 'ghost hunting' shows as they look for rational explanations, have a skeptical parapsychologist on hand and a medium in case any spirits want to get chatty.

On the show this nightm they had just started what they termed a séance. The crew were gathered round a table and the host was inviting any spirits to make themselves known, either by tapping or talking or table tipping. On the hosts third request of "If there is anybody there could you please knock?" both Mike and I heard two loud and strong knocks come from my bedroom. Mike jumped up off the couch and asked "What the hell was that?" and I had to explain the ghost living (or is that in-living) in the apartment. I also looked towards my room and said to the ghost "They aren't talking about you, I know you're here." and there was one more acknowledging knock.

We checked my room and of course there was no one visible in there, we even checked out my apartment door, there hadn't been anyone knocking and if a car had pulled in the driveway we would ave seen the headlights from the living room anyway.  I'm still not sure Mike is convinced of what happened or if he believes there is a ghost in my apartment, personally I know the ghost is there and that night he was willing to make himself known and possibly have a chat with us if we had chosen to.

We didn't, and we left the apartment shortly after in search of food.

That's it, short and sweet tonight, unlike last night's lengthy installment.  I'll leave the lights as they are, it's really mellow and cozy in here.  I'll be behind the bar of anyone needs anything.



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