Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sleepy McSleeperson

So given that I normally post an entry between 4am and 8am because I work overnights, this entry is a heck of a lot late in getting done.  Well there's a reason for that.

After Thursday's night's alcoholic experiments, there wasn't much sleep gotten. One thing about drinking at the cabin, we don't hit the hay early and we don't sleep late. It was about 2am when we all bedded down and I was given what looked like a nice air mattress to sleep on. It even has a built in pump for inflation. Once setup it actually felt pretty close to my own bed at home, or so it started. I woke up an hour later almost touching the floor through the mattress but it was still inflated enough that trying to move felt like I was lost in a bouncy castle.

I got up and plugged in the pump and re-inflated the mattress and then went back to sleep, only to repeat the process 2 hours later at 5am and then again at 7am. At 8am I gave up and got up and went about my business, I posted my last entry on Friday morning actually. I was the first one up, which I've always been hated for after a night of drinking. 5 hours of broken sleep and I felt fine, no hangover or generally shitty feelings, I felt normal. Breakfast was had, it was good and filling and then we packed everything up and left about Noon to come home.

I started getting this week's podcast ready and then gave my father a ride to work, came home again and finished my podcast and then I was talking with a few friends online. That is where my trouble started. See I knew I should have taken a nap at that point. It was 6pm by that point and I could have gotten a nice 4 hour nap before working last night. But I didn't, I stayed up. I still felt alright, even better after a late evening shower, I wasn't tired. Then I went to work, seemed fine up until about 2:30am. That's when I hit the wall. I was ready to pass out at the counter and there was nothing I, or anyone else could do to stop it.

I took my break then and got a 30 minute nap in and honestly started to feel better again. Then at 5am I started to shut down again.  I fought it and fought it and at 6:15am I called it quits. I looked at my coworker and said I was going home while I trusted myself to drive. That went alright, between good loud music and good air conditioning to keep the chill on, I had no issues getting home. I took to my bed at 7am and then got what I can only describe as both needed, and epic sleep.  I didn't get up today until 6:30pm and man do I feel refreshed. The batteries are recharged and all it took was almost twelve hours of sleep.

Granted I only needed those twelve hours because I was up and active for almost 24 hours beforehand, and I know that was my own fault and it's because at times I'm a dumbass. Will I ever do that again? Probably, in that regard there is no learning curve for me. I've gone up to 44 hours without sleep in the past because I pushed myself, I'll probably do it again in the future. Like I just said, I can be a dumbass.



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